About Us

We are here to support job seekers and professionals in reaching their professional goals by promoting themselves. We are here to make them look unique and to accomplish unique things! 

Artizjob.com is a free solution for professionals, job seekers and employers from all backgrounds and from all over the world. It is a social professional plateform in which anyone can share his own professional content and discover professional content from any other contact. It is also a great solution for employers who will have an inventive and creative tool to discover new talents!

Our investment

Since its development in 2011, Artizjob has continued to optimize its solution to serve professionals and job seekers and to help them maximize their chances to reach the accomplishment. Artizjob publishes new projects each month, provided by professionals and students from almost every country in the world. It contributes to the promotion of self-branding in all its expressions.

Our team

Artizjob was created by athletes, designers, marketers as well as professionals in business law. So far, we ensure that it is directed by inspiring and current era inspired creatives. Each staff member is part of the expanded Artizjob community. A community strong by its members and constantly enthusiastic about the promotion self-branding.

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