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A. Objective

ARTIZJOB has as an objective the fact of connecting artists and sports fans around the world to make their business aims and their expertise more widely and more prosperous. To fulfill its mission, ARTIZJOB provides specialized services through its structure and applications of mobile phone to help the millions of members and specialized professionals to meet, exchange ideas, learn, find opportunities, find employees in the arts and sport, and especially to develop a trust groups.

B. Scope

By registering on ARTIZJOB , or using our web site and any data provided in the context of ARTIZJOB services (collectively ” ARTIZJOB ” or “Services”) you agree to a contract that commits you with ARTIZJOB Corporation, 800 -1 , Car Westmount , Westmount, QC H3G 2P9 based on the provisions of these Terms of Use ARTIZJOB and Privacy Policy ARTIZJOB of which is incorporated by reference herein (collectively, the”Agreement” ) and become a ARTIZJOB member ( “Member” ) . If you use ARTIZJOB on behalf of a company or other legal entity , you are nevertheless personally bound by this Agreement even if your company has a separate agreement with us. If you do not want to create an account and become a member ARTIZJOB , do not conclude the Agreement, DO NOT click ” Join ARTIZJOB ” and please do not access, view , download or use in any way a web page , information or services ARTIZJOB . By clicking ” Join ARTIZJOB ” you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of this Agreement and you agree to be bound by all its provisions. By clicking ” Join ARTIZJOB ” , you also consent to use electronic signatures and acknowledge that you click on the button “Register ARTIZJOB ” constitutes a . Please note that the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ARTIZJOB are also collectively referred to as ” Terms of Service ” of ARTIZJOB .

The user of services provided by ARTIZJOB Inc. declares know what steps to be well satisfied ;

That by using the services offered by ARTIZJOB Inc. through its website :

  1. That mandate ARTIZJOB Inc. to enable it to facilitate access to any employment, hiring of service under contract or other artistic or athletic material forms .
  2. It facilitates the hiring or leasing service artistic or athletic field.
  3. The user of the online platform offered by the site ARTIZJOB Inc. undertakes not to transmit any material that is obscene , criminal or penal nature .
  4. The user declares that he is an adult, or if minor , it uses the services offered by ARTIZJOB Inc. under the written approval and under the auspices of one or his parents.
  5. The user of services offered by the site ARTIZJOB Inc. will not use the Site for purposes of sale or marketing of items or services other than artistic and / sporty character.
  6. The user of the site acknowledges ARTIZJOB Inc. web platform know that ARTIZJOB or direction of ARTIZJOB Inc. has no obligation with respect to the objectives of the user of the Site ARTIZJOB internet platform Inc. , the user declares ARTIZJOB Inc. and / or officers of ARTIZJOB Inc. had respect to the foregoing.
  7. The user of the site ARTIZJOB internet platform Inc. is committed to never act in bad faith in relation to any other user or face ARTIZJOB Inc. to create a wrong on pain of prosecution.
  8. Management of ARTIZJOB Inc. and / or officers make no screening of site users and Artizjob ARTIZJOB Inc. and / or officers have no responsibility when obtaining results or quality user experience ARTIZJOB site.
  9. The user of the site ARTIZJOB internet platform Inc. is committed to never plagiarize or attempt to copy the concept or purpose of the content or objectives of the internet site platform ARTIZJOB Inc., which belong exclusively to ARTIZJOB Inc. all under penalty of law for a minimum of 250 $ 000.00 .
  10. The user of the site ARTIZJOB Inc. that the concept and the site platform ARTIZJOB Inc. is international in character, despite the fact that internet platform, it is governed by a charter incorporated under the Business Corporations Act of Quebec .
  11. Any dispute arising from the use of a user of the Site ARTIZJOB Inc. internet platform will be judged from the Acts from the Civil Code of Québec.

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